Supplier Requirements


Suppliers are our important partners. TESSEC LLC wishes to build a relationship of trust with our suppliers and together prosper and fulfill the corporate social responsibility

Our purchase orders Terms and Conditions must be reviewed and followed.

Also, towards this end, suppliers are requested the practice of the following guidelines in support of TESSEC’s Policy for Purchasing.


1. Strict Compliance


When engaging in business transactions with TESSEC LLC, suppliers must honor relevant laws*, their spirit, social norms and corporate ethics and maintain sensible conduct as a member of the society. 

* Those laws are not limited to legal laws and regulations of the countries or regions where respective supplier operates but also include 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact, as well as social rules and norms related to labor practices, human rights that should be observed in fulfilling the corporate social responsibility.


2. Assurance of Quality


Products and services must meet quality and performance requirements set by TESSEC and, at the same time, remain functional for a reasonable period of time. The shape, structure, system operability need also to be superior and compatible with peripheral equipment.


3. Fair Price


The price of products and services must be fair for the specifications, quality, delivery time, purchase volume and the general market trend.


4. Observance of Delivery Date


It is highly important that the delivery date should be respected.


5. Environmental Considerations


Products and services should produce low environmental impacts and suppliers are expected to exercise maximum efforts in reducing environmental loads. Product and service specifications should comply with generally acceptable Green Purchasing.


6. Assurance of Safety


Usage and operational safety must be part of the way suppliers do business.


7. After-Sale Services


Maintenance, repair and response to defects and malfunctions must be provided in prompt, safe and accurate manners. Suppliers are expected to maintain a backup systems and technical support as required. In their designing and building activities, suppliers’ products and services need to be based on such considerations that allow them to support their products and services through initial acceptance and usage.